Dr.Seyyed Hosein Fatemi

Congress President’s Message

Thanks to God bless and greetings to teachers, colleagues and all active loved ones in laboratory field of Islamic Republic of Iran are proud to bring to your notice after the successful holding of 4th conference new laboratory technologies by Iran scientific association of clinical laboratory science professional and Iran school of Allied medical sciences and laboratory equipment suppliers association and medical laboratory products, 5th congress of new technologies held by using the previous findings in cooperation with the scientific communities and university centers and respected experts of Marjae Salamat Laboratory in Razi Conventions Center in 25-27 October (2017).

Since we believed that country laboratories are in the forefront of health development, todays, more than 70% of the diagnosis and treatment tied to the activity of laboratory assistant and without passing through the halls medical laboratory, treatment planning is impossible. On the other hand, development of medical sciences is changing daily. The country laboratories should be keeping pace with the development of other medical fields. We are proud to achieve this with regards to laboratory partners in previous years by holding the fourth conference of new laboratory technologies to improve scientific and qualitative level of laboratory.

We must also thank scientific communities, university centers, technical staff and managers of country laboratories and respected experts of Marjae Salamat Laboratory.

Dr.Seyyed Hosein Fatemi

Congress President

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